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Following Football

Following Football is the story of a journey across the planet, travelling 27,000 miles on four continents, on my way to the World Cup in Brazil.

It looks at football around the world, picking up fascinating facts and exploring the funny, occasionally ridiculous side of the beautiful game.

It is available from Amazon on Kindle and in paperback.

Three Little Boys

When the fate of a child is affected, before it has even flopped its way into the world, by a finger football tournament the father had twenty years earlier, some questions should be asked of that father’s suitability.

A novel about men and pregnancy, men and their mates, men and their music. About aborted trips to the fish shop and abominable trips to India. This is the story of why some little boys are never allowed to look after the school hamster.

Three Little Boys is available from Amazon on Kindle.

Two Cold Rabbits

My short story for children, Two Cold Rabbits, was published on the site Their feet are cold, but their hearts are warm.

Please note that the site edited the story for punctuation etc.

The site’s readers gave me five stars for it, which I am very grateful for.

Read Two Cold Rabbits here.