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Recent interviews for Red Orbit articles include:
Levison Wood

Levison Wood walked the entire length of the River Nile, crossing war zones and encountering incredible hardships and stunning beauty along the banks of the world's longest river. I spoke to him about what kept him going and the time he spent with the remarkable Mundari tribe in South Sudan. Walking the Nile was shown on Channel 4 in the UK and Animal Planet in the US.

Patrick Forbes

Patrick Forbes is a BAFTA-winning director whose new film documents how millions of people could have been saved from heart attacks if only the commercialized American healthcare system had allowed a simple scan for heart problems to be rolled out. Fascinating – and troubling – stuff. Here are the movie and the article.

Alison Levine

I spoke to New York Times best-selling author and Everest veteran and adventurer Alison Levine for my article "Why having adventures is important". Alison is a renowned leadership expert and appeared on CBS 60 Minutes and many other major TV shows, including on a panel with General Wesley Clark. The article will be published shortly.

Eric Klinenberg

Eric Klinenberg was featured on the cover of Time Magazine for their "#1 idea that is changing your life" – the idea being contained in his book Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone. People who live alone already make up 28 percent of all US households, which makes them more common than any other domestic unit, including the nuclear family. But this is no bad thing, says Klinenberg.

Ed Cooke

Ed Cooke is a Grandmaster of Memory, one of only 149 in the world. Founder of the site Memrise, he is a world leader in the subject of memory, and we spoke for three different articles on the subjects of how dirty thoughts can improve your memory, the science of memory, and on CNN anchor Brian Williams' "misremembering" of being shot down in a helicopter in Iraq.